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Try Circus Skills

From children's parties, sessions in schools, or adult corporate team building, circus skills is fun, because we all like learning amazing new things, and having a laugh with our friends while we're doing it.

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Try Circus Skills can be booked for :

We'll help you, your children, or your staff appreciate you're capable of amazing things, while having a whole bunch of fun in the process.

Not everyone can instantly juggle, or ride a unicycle... some people will think they never could, but everyone can Try, and through a process of patience, determination, and continual improvement, we can all learn. The same goes for learning to hula hoop, walk on stilts, or even learning to balance a chair on your chin.

Learning circus improves balance and coordination, which will improve every other sport you play. When we break down juggling into it's component parts, we're teaching complex problem solving. With the ability to solve more complex problems comes improved self confidence.

It's been said that circus is about finding the hardest things we can possibly do... and then finding the easist ways to do them. When we've done that, we try and find something harder.

Try Circus Skills is about making problem solving so much fun, you forget there was ever a problem.

Whatever your event, if you want to add something special, which everyone, adults and children alike can enjoy, then please contact us.

Learning Through Play

We call it 'learning through play' because we like to emphasis those aspects, but it's often called circus skills, or a circus workshop. We think calling it learning and playing is simply a much nicer way of looking at it, as well as providing a happier attitude for approaching these things.

Where We Cover

We work and play, teaching circus skills mostly around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridshire, London, Buckinghamshire, and Essex. The furthest we've gone so far was for a series of shows in Latvia, so we can be persuaded to travel. Just get in touch, and we'll see how we can help.

You CAN learn circus skills. Don't Just Take Our Word For It - Read our Reviews

learn to juggle, unicycle and walk on stils