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learning to unicycle

Circus Skills for Scouts, Guides and Youth Groups

I'm often asked if we're happy to provide circus skills sessions for scouts, guides and other youth groups, and of course the answer is a great big yes.

We've worked with many groups in the past, from helping with huge Scout and Guide Jambporees, individual pack meetings and many youth club sessions. We've worked with The National Youth Ballet on improving balance, and various sports groups on improving hand to eye coordination. We even worked with Sainsburies, and took all our equipment along to the paralympics. With everyone we've worked with we always work on having fun.

How we run the session is dependent on how many children you have taking part, and how much time we have available, but please get in touch, and we'll come up with something to suit your requirements.

Working with the National Youth Ballet

Photo Courtesy of The National Youth Ballet